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 What is and what good is a forum?

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PostSubject: What is and what good is a forum?    Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:02 pm


As usual now it should be justified in some way the birth of a new forum, but for me it is a task I do with pleasure

After the fragmentation of users and the continuous birth forum was the need to open another one?
.... This initiative is merely the result of previous experiences, we all know very well the environment, the right foot, with noble intentions as noble initiatives that will inevitably result in cartel litigation, protection and ambushes.

VWS arises mainly by a group of people who, by convention defined as "non-aligned, people entered long at various forums across the web, people at that time had some role in the administration of the Forum, but that with the passage of the time ill have digested the atmosphere that has arisen in the same forum.

People who essentially have no commercial interests that do not sell, do not protect and enhance, the only exception Gilberto, aka Submariner, whose business is known to all.

Over time much has been achieved in the world of collecting vintage and especially thanks to the knowledge of many fans who wanted to share their experiences.

Thanks in advance to those who want to contribute also to the unborn VWS born under a star other than even with all the modesty of the event will surely be able to provide maximum transparency to anyone who will have the kindness to make available their knowledge.

It will certainly be a forum open to all fans, remembering always that passion and availability are two distinct things.

Welcome, then anyone who wants to give their input or simply ask, share and take with us a piece of road that I hope enjoyable and interesting.

Of course even here there is the figure of the Administrator, as is obligatory question however abstract figure as this forum, regardless of any future fortunes, and live born following a simple but fundamental rule

...... Good faith and common sense of all!!
Come ormai d'abitudine si dovrebbe motivare in qualche modo la nascita di un nuovo forum ,spetta a me farlo ma è un incarico che svolgo con piacere

Dopo la frammentazione degli utenti e la nascita continua di forum che bisogno c'era di aprirne un altro ?
....questa iniziativa altro non è che il frutto di esperienze pregresse , tutti noi conosciamo benissimo l'ambiente , si parte col piede giusto,nobili intenti con altrettanto nobili iniziative che inevitabilmente sfociano in cartelli, litigi, protezionismi ed imboscate.

VWS nasce essenzialmente per volontà di un gruppo di persone che, per convenzione definiremo di " non allineati" , persone iscritte da tempo ai vari Forum presenti in rete , persone che a suo tempo hanno avuto ruolo nell'Amministrazione di qualche Forum ma che col passar del tempo male hanno digerito l'atmosfera venutasi a creare nei Forum stessi.

Persone che essenzialmente non hanno interessi commerciali che non vendono, non proteggono e non esaltano , unica eccezione Gilberto, alias Submariner, la cui attività Commerciale è nota a tutti.

Col passar del tempo molta strada è stata fatta nel mondo del collezionismo Vintage e sopratutto grazie alla conoscenza di molti appassionati che hanno voluto condividere le proprie esperienze .

Un grazie in anticipo a chi vorrà dare un contributo anche al nascituro VWS che nasce sotto una stella diversa pur con tutta la modestia del caso sarà di certo in grado di offrire la massima trasparenza a chiunque avrà la gentilezza di mettere a disposizione il proprio sapere.

Sarà certamente un forum aperto a tutti gli appassionati , ricordando sempre che passione e disponibilità sono due cose ben distinte.

Ben venga quindi chiunque voglia dare il proprio apporto o semplicemente chiedere, condividere e percorrere con noi un pezzo di strada che mi auguro piacevole ed interessante.

Di certo anche qui esiste la figura dell'Amministratore, comè peraltro d'obbligo trattasi però di figura astratta poichè questo Forum, indipendentemente dalle eventuali fortune future , nasce e vivrà seguendo una regola semplice ma fondamentale


What is and what good is a forum?

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Basically the user comes into contact with many people, and the medium
to communicate with them is the "post" or message.

The evolution of the forums has led to "platforms" in which
say that you can simply send a message is a bit 'limited.

Take for example our forum
Once in this forum you will see more categories
divide precisely the theme of the discussions. Normally the user is
sought to be registered to post, especially for security. The
Register in our as in other forums is fast and simple, and allows
personlizzare user to his profile so I would say spectacular enough
say that we have entered "+ thousand avatars! (The avatars are
images that represent us and are backed with our every post).

However to understand
the validity of the forum the best way is to try it, no cost,
registration is to choose a username, then the system
Vs send the registration email password, you can access the
forums and immediate use all the tools at your disposal.

Recall that the password
that is sent is a combination of computer-generated, but once inside
the 1st time you can quickly change into one that will be easy to remember.

As we said the forum
debate really collect a lot of people who post on any subject
, From the trivial to the highly technical, are in fact resource
important to find information or help. Normally in our forum
are always many people willing to help and to enter into a relationship

If you look in our forum
see the various categories, with their forums, for example in Category Design
& Development will see two forums: HTML & C. , And PHP & MySQL. Now
simply select the forum that most interests us, or curious about us
or that is in line with the message that we send, this depends on
What do you want to do, ie if only browser or intervene actively in

However you choose and click on the name of a forum, and
so can view posts in it. The organizations as Yabba
most of the forum is simple and works like this:

I send a post, for example a request for help, opened in
This discussion, my post will appear in the forum, the
user will see my post and I will be interested to answer my
request at this YaBB hang all the messages one after another,
after mine. So by reading and quick and easy. Practically in
Forum will always be my title (subject) and my name (started by)
What changes is the values responses, ie the number of people
responded with a message (which will be inserted into the mine), views, ie
how many people saw my message, and the last post that is who and when
responded last. Clicking on the object and then open the message or
better argument, and returns all post content, which can
also be divided into multiple pages if many people responded.

Even the icon that represents the message is different
Depending on the number of replies or views, or if the survey or if
is blocked (ie the administrator has not allowed further participation in
that discussion).

It 's time to talk a bit' also figures that we see often in
forum, key figures: the moderators.

The moderator is a person to whom powers are given and
tools for monitoring and managing users and posts, the moderator
should check that the posts are inserted in the right forum, which is not
used profanity, insults that are not people or things, that the post
not get out of the discussion (OT), in short, that they meet the rules and
general rules of "good relations" and "respect" the
moderator can lock posts, edit, and manage users, blocking
then ..

The words are already partly filtered by the system
same words and terms that bans vulgar and / or prohibited, but unfortunately the mind
human invents new terminology at speeds unthinkable, especially here.

The moderator is clearly the reference person,
on which to rely for information on the system and proper
use of the forum, it is people with experience and knowledge of the subject

The best way to understand the enormous potential of
Forum is try it now:

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Messaggi : 12008
Data d'iscrizione : 2010-01-03
Età : 59
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PostSubject: Re: What is and what good is a forum?    Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:45 pm

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What is and what good is a forum?
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